Generator Installation Lincoln ME

Marquis Heating is an authorized installer of generator support items in Hermon, Old Town, Lincoln & Brewer, ME.

Not including installation of the generator itself, we do phases of generator installation including:

  • Running lines to your generator

    • Connecting propane supply to the generator ( with propane being supplied by us)

    • And As always, all quotes are free!

How Do Automatic Home Backup Generators Work With Power Outages?

Your generator is smart enough to detect when your power goes out! It will work to provide power as a back up to your home. Generators are able to provide power to your home for as long as your power is out. This could range from 3 hours to even 3 weeks.

A power outage results in your electricity not working. You do not have any lights or heat, but rest assured that your generator will sense this power outage and will restore the home's power within less than a minute's time.

Once the generator turns on, it sends the power to your home to continue providing heat & a power source. The generator has a mind of its own, and can recognize when your home's power is restored, so it's like the power never went out to begin with, thanks to your generator.

Watch How It Works

This short animation, found on the Honeywell Generators YouTube channel, shows how a Honeywell home backup generator restores power to your home during a power outage - automatically.