Have Confidence in Your HVAC System

24/7 emergency service for your heating system in Old Town, ME

Do you worry about your furnace going out on the coldest day of winter? Marquis Heating, Inc. of Old Town, ME can put those worries to rest. A SecureHEAT device can monitor your furnace 24/7 for issues, such as:

  • Sudden and abnormal decreases in temperature
  • Oil furnace malfunctions and failures
  • Low oil levels

This device will provide peace of mind for those who require uninterrupted safety and comfort.

Dial 207-827-5115 now to learn more about our SecureHEAT system.

3 reasons to bring a SecureHEAT system to your home

Don’t let heating issues take you by surprise. With a SecureHEAT device, you’ll be alerted of furnace issues before they become major problems. Here are a few reasons to get a SecureHEAT device:

1. Operates with traditional phones and digital services
2. Offers self-diagnostic, battery-backed performance
3. Monitors your heating system 24/7, sending alerts when necessary

Consult with Marquis Heating about enhancing your furnace with a SecureHEAT system.