SecureHEAT Home Monitor Systems

To benefit from 24/7 SecureHEAT peace of mind, contact us today!
SecureHEAT™ is a state-of-the-art, remote home monitor system that gives you peace of mind. Affordable and easy to use, it works 'round the clock to alert us to:

  • Sudden and abnormal decreases in temperature
  • Low levels of oil 
  • Oil furnace malfunctions and failures
  • monitor and battery power losses or failures
Why Choose SecureHEAT
There are many reasons why over 8,000 SecureHEAT solutions have been installed since 1994 as a best-of-class home monitor. Accessible customer service is one. Reliable performance is another. With self-diagnostic functions that perform during power outages and when battery power is lost, it's the most reliable way to achieve 24/7 peace of mind.

Enjoy 24/7 Safety and Comfort
The SecureHEAT home monitor system is a great value for second homeowners, senior citizens and rental property owners. Perfect for anyone that relies on consistent energy levels for uninterrupted safety and comfort, it's available in five easy-to-install applications including:

  • Oil furnace sensing
  • Oil volume sensing
  • Heat temperature sensing
  • Sump pump sensing

Your peace of mind is our priority, and we'll customize your monitor's software to meet your special needs.

Installation is Easy: Just Give Us A Call
All you need to enjoy 24/7 SecureHEAT confidence is a standard analog phone line that the system uses to alert your provider of defects detected by the monitor. With no special skills or equipment required, our furnace monitor is easily installed by your home energy service provider and maintained during annual tune-ups.

Use SecureHEAT With Your Choice of Modern Communication Technology
SecureHEAT also integrates with modern digital services including DSL, VOIP and cable phone. Our battery back-up solution dials out on the analog phone line during a power failure; and our system self-checks batteries and monitors to alert your provider of any problems — an advantage not offered by most other energy monitoring systems providers.

To benefit from 24/7 SecureHEAT peace of mind, contact us today.

6 Smart Reasons to Choose SecureHEAT

1. Best value of similar energy monitoring systems

2. Simple, affordable installation

3. 24/7 monitoring & alerts

4. Self-diagnostic, battery-backed performance

5. Works with traditional phones & digital services (DSL & broadband cable)

6. FCC standards-compliant